Why You Need WordPress: Getting Started


WordPress is a free, open-source website builder available on most major hosting services. Its versatility makes it ideal for businesses of any size, and for web creators of any skill level. In this article, I’ll offer reasons to use WordPress for your business website, some resources for beginners, and recent WordPress news.

Risingsunoverport.co.za published a piece this week promoting WordPress to small businesses. Their reasons have been known to professional web designers for years, but it helps to see some outside confirmation. Rising Sun Overport says about 30% of all websites on the known Internet run on WordPress, including major business and news sites like TechCrunch and eBay.

When it comes to starting your own WordPress, you can get a basic site online in a matter of hours. You don’t need any coding expertise or even extensive computing knowledge to design a functional website with everything in the right place. With WordPress’s template system, you just select a design and go.

There’s a highly intuitive dashboard system which will allow you to manage your content, laying out your pages, formatting your copy and placing your images.

Why does WordPress win when it comes to small business websites?

A major part of WordPress’ power comes from its open market of 3rd party themes and plugins. Themes are best defined as frameworks for designing the appearance of your website, while plugins are apps that add functions to the site. There are special plugins categorized as “page builders” that work in conjunction with themes and enable drag-and-drop design of web page layouts.

On Wednesday, the makers of Elementor announced their plugin has been installed on 3 million websites. Elementor is a page builder with a robust feature set in its free version, and even more powerful tools in its paid version. It is now the fastest growing web building platform according to Yahoo News.

Also in the last month, Elegant Themes released Divi Version 4.0. Divi is a premium WordPress theme with its own proprietary page builder. In fact, it’s the most popular paid theme in the WordPress ecosystem. It’s one of my preferred themes when making sites for clients or myself. My other favorite theme is Astra, which works very well with Elementor.

Divi 4.0 includes a “theme builder,” which grants greater customization of website headers, footers, blog posts, and other areas that page builders couldn’t easily change before.

Darrel Wilson is one of the best WordPress authorities on YouTube. He has posted Tutorial videos for how to build a website with Elementor or Divi. Follow the links below to view them.


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