What are website platforms?

When it comes to starting your own website, there are a lot of different terms you might learn about, like website platforms, hosting, content management systems and more. In fact, it might all seem confusing or overwhelming. You’re probably even curious as to why you should know these terms, and if you need them, especially when it comes to starting your own website. In this article, you’ll learn what website platforms are, some of the terms associated with them and what steps you need to take toward choosing a web host. In the end, hopefully it helps you choose what website platforms you need for your website.

What are website platforms?

A website platform is the magical technology on which websites function. Most websites operate using several types of platforms including:

A web hosting platform Programming languages Website building tools

All of these work hand-in-hand to power your website, so you can bring visitors your business’s best online experience.

Web hosting platform

There are a lot of web hosts offering different types of platforms. These are the very technical tools that can handle websites in different ways, whether it’s speed or being able to scale the site if

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