Using the APPLES method to determine server needs

“What type of hosting do I need?”

To answer this question, many service providers run the gamut, offering everything from WYSIWYG site builders, to basic shared hosting, to even WordPress-specific hosting. In most cases, these are probably all that the average person needs, even to get a medium-size web presence going.

But what if you, or your clients, need more than what the average hosting environment can provide?

This is where a method we call APPLES can come into play — and, no, I’m not talking about the fruit you find at your local grocery store (or the device you could be reading this on).

APPLES is a handy acronym, with each letter representing a question that can help you determine if you need a server and, possibly more important, if you’re going to need some help with managing that server:

Admin experience level Purpose of the server Programs you’ll be using Limitations of support Emergency plan Shared hosting considerations

Depending on your goals, or the means to reach them, you may need a virtual-private server (VPS) or even a dedicated server. But how do you tell if what is needed falls more on the basic or advanced

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