Lisa Stambaugh: Expert guidance, website design and a lot more

Lisa Stambaugh provides WordPress support through her agency Collective Discovery, and helps clients tell their story through her Much Ado About You content service. Lisa is also the author of Web Diva Wisdom, a book that helps business owners learn how to work with web designers.

Tell us about yourself. Who are you? Where are you based?

I tend to describe myself as a long list of short topics, many of which don’t seem connected at all, but I like to think it rolls into an interesting package.

Educationally, I’m a geek: BSEE/CS (UCSD ‘80), MSCS (Stanford, ‘85). Work-wise, I’m a Web Diva, a freelance writer, an informal business coach, a story teller, and a problem-solver.

Outside of work, I’m a knitting enthusiast, curly girl, cookie artiste, musical theatre devotee, costume designer, and a voracious consumer of historical fiction.

I live in Fremont, California, which is at the very northernmost edge of Silicon Valley, between San Jose and San Francisco. I grew up about 20 miles from here, attended college in southern California, and never wanted to leave the West Coast.

I fell in love with a dorm neighbor, just a few weeks into the school year, and several

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