Introducing the Gravity Forms Affiliate Program (to everyone who didn’t know we had one!)


Gravity Forms Affiliate PrograDid you know Gravity Forms has an affiliate program? Although our affiliate program has been up and running for some years, many in our community are still yet to hear about it – which is something we want to change.

There are many reasons to become an affiliate. But if you are already an advocate of Gravity Forms, or you’re looking for a stand out product to promote on your affiliate site, then our affiliate program is for you.

Ready to find out more? Let’s have a look…

Who Is Our Affiliate Program For?

Our affiliate program is open to everyone, and you do not need to be a Gravity Forms customer to join up. However, you will find yourself at an advantage if you fall into one of these three categories…

  • Gravity Forms Enthusiasts – If you are already singing the praises of Gravity Forms to all who will listen, then signing up to our affiliate program is the natural next step. Once you become one of our affiliate partners, you can continue to spread the ‘Gravity Forms’ word, while getting paid to do so!
  • Agencies – Are you using Gravity Forms on your clients’ sites but not collecting any commision for doing so? Depending on how you invoice your clients, you may be able to earn via our affiliate program for every client you refer.
  • Affiliate Marketers – Gravity Forms is an obvious fit with professional affiliate marketers and bloggers who are looking for quality products to share with their audience.

Why Join the Gravity Forms Affiliate Program?

When joining an affiliate program, you want a product that you can endorse whole heartedly, while receiving sufficient support, and competitive rates of commission. We believe that the Gravity Forms affiliate program has all of this and more. Let’s take a look…

Earn High Levels of Commsison

By partnering with Gravity Forms, you can earn competitive rates of commission – 20% commission on every sale that you refer.

Let’s take a look at the commission structure and how much money you can make…

  • Basic License sells for $59 – you earn $11.80
  • Pro License sells for $159 – you earn $31.80
  • Elite License sells for $259 – you earn $51.80

Share a Quality Product with Your Audience

One of the sure fire ways to become a successful affiliate is to promote a high-quality product that you can confidently recommend. Gravity Forms is a reputable and innovative plugin that will undoubtedly appeal to your audience, and make sending referrals our way an easy task.

With Gravity Forms, users can create high-end custom forms to suit their exact specifications. Advanced functionality and multiple integrations allow emails to be collected, payments to be taken, files to be submitted, and much more, helping businesses to achieve their goals.

By joining the Gravity Forms affiliate program and promoting our plugin, you can help your audience to access this valuable feature-rich tool, and earn yourself money while doing so.

Impressive Support

Our established affiliate program has supported sellers for years – we want you to be successful at selling the Gravity Forms licenses and we know how to help you achieve that.

The Gravity Forms affiliate platform is extremely user-friendly. It enables you to track your links and ads, check important metrics, and view sales and revenue figures, all from one intuitive dashboard.

The Gravity Forms affiliate community is made up of thousands of sellers. With an affiliate support channel, as well as in-depth resources on affiliate best practices, you can be set up and earning in no time.

How to Get Started

In just three easy steps, you can start making money as a Gravity Forms affiliate…

1. Register for the Affiliate Program

Simply fill out the Gravity Forms affiliate registration form to sign up as a new affiliate. Due to popular demand, we will reply to your application within 1-4 weeks, letting you know if you have been accepted.

2. Add Banners and Links to Your Content

Gravity Forms Affiliate Program

Place banners on your website and embed links within your pages and posts to promote Gravity Forms. Consider creating blog posts based around Gravity Forms – tutorials, top tips, and best practises – demonstrating to your audience what the plugin can do and why they should buy it.

Alternatively you can post about Gravity Forms on your social media channels, set up ad campaigns, create videos, or email out promotional links to your mailing list. Monitor your content to see what works best for referring customers to the Gravity Forms website – then make more of it.

Note: When you are accepted onto the Gravity Forms affiliate program we will send you our Affiliate Guide, packed full of top tips and best practices to help you become a successful Gravity Forms affiliate – keep an eye on your inbox.

3. Collect Your Commission

When your website visitors, blog readers, or social followers, click through to Gravity Forms and make a purchase, you will earn your commission. It’s that simple. Track your sales through your affiliate dashboard and then collect your revenue at the end of the month.

Are You Ready to Join Our Affiliate Program?

Gravity Forms is an impressive product. By joining our affiliate program, you can promote this powerful product on your website and through your social media channels.

And with great commission rates and a user-friendly platform, our affiliate program will enable you to quickly grow your revenue. So, are you ready to get started?

Any questions? Please ask away in the comments below…


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