Gravity Forms 2.5 Beta – Now Available to Install


Announcing Gravity Forms Version 2.5

Today is the day! That’s right – Gravity Forms 2.5 Beta is now available and ready for you to install. I’m sure you are excited as we are!

‘So how do I get started?’ Great question – it’s a very quick install process…

  1. Open your WordPress test site and, if you have the current Gravity Forms plugin installed, you will need to deactivate and delete it from your site.
  1. Navigate over to your Gravity Forms account and under ‘Downloads’ you will find 2.5-beta-1.
  1. Download the beta and upload it to your WordPress test site – now you’re good to go!

As is normal for a beta, we can’t guarantee a totally smooth ride. We expect compatibility issues and bugs, and are looking to broaden the testing to as many use cases as our community can manage. Gravity Forms 2.5 Beta should be tested in an isolated sandbox environment and without add-ons. Even if you think everything is working fine, we do not recommend using this beta on your production site.

Of course, if you come across any problems with the beta, we really want to know about them. Please report any issues directly to the Gravity Forms support team via our 2.5 feedback form.

Our development team has been working extremely hard to bring you 2.5 and we think you’re going to love what you find. For further information on Gravity Forms 2.5 Beta, check out the Docs.

Any questions on 2.5 Beta? Please ask away in the comments below…


Don’t forget to sign up to our beta mailing list to stay updated with the latest beta news and updates….

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