Getting Your Products On Google Shopping

If you run a retail business, it’s more important than ever to sell online. In the past few months, Google has stepped up its services to help its visitors find products, whether they’re sold by major retailers or local shops. Google Shopping is a network where stores can directly feed their product information to the search engine, which leads to their ecommerce sites.

At the end of April, 2020, Google made it free for retailers to list products in Google Shopping. According to Search Engine Journal, it was a decision made to help businesses during the Coronavirus pandemic. PayPal is also joining Google; businesses can connect their PayPal accounts to Google, supposedly so customers can buy through the search engine.

WooCommerce, the plugin that enables ecommerce in WordPress websites, has been a Google Shopping partner for some time. LearnWoo.com lists different extensions to WooCommerce that let stores feed their products directly to Google Merchant Center. There is another free extension that lets you run Google ad campaigns through your site. The only money a store would spend is on the ads themselves.

The YouTuber Darrel Wilson offers an excellent tutorial for building a WordPress ecommerce site with WooCommerce and the Divi Theme.


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