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Blogging and content creation is the foundation of Internet marketing, so I've written a book explaining how.

The book is full of knowledge from all across the web, condensed in an easy-to-read package.

This is great for the do-it-yourself digital marketer.

8 chapters that you'll read quick

Blogging demystified

Written for small businesses, startups, and solopreneurs who know what they're doing

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E-book Content

Why You Should Blog

Your blog is the most important part of your website. It's what Google searches link to, and all your other content marketing should be based on it.

Why WordPress Is Best

I build all my websites with WordPress. It's great for local business, sales funnels, and there's a plugin for any purpose under the sun!

Find Ideas

Most of the work in content creation lies in preparation. I'll tell you where to get blog post ideas.

YouTube & Podcasting

Writing isn't everyone's bag, so I'll start you along in YouTube videos and podcasts.

Write Fast

I know you're busy. When it's time to start typing, I'll give you tips handed down from the experts.

Email = Money Maker

Email is what will drive sales and deal-making. I'll explain how it and your blog work together to warm up your prospects and fuel your sales funnel.

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