@whyisjake hosted this agenda and @marybaum and @audrasjb edited.

Recent Dev-Notes

The group didn’t discuss these, but @whyisjake added them to the announcements. Have an opinion? Add your thoughts to the comments:

Various changes to WordPress React Components in WordPress 5.5 Miscellaneous Developer Focused Changes in WordPress 5.5 Themes: changes related to get_custom_logo() in WordPress 5.5 New Block Tools on WordPress 5.5 Opcode Cache Invalidation in WordPress 5.5 New wp_get_environment_type() function in WordPress 5.5 Codebase language improvements in 5.5 What’s new in Gutenberg (July 22) New XML Sitemaps Functionality in WordPress 5.5 Upcoming Releases WordPress 5.5 RC was released July 28th@whyisjake mentioned that work is

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