I never thought I'd be a web designer until I discovered WordPress. I never thought I'd be an Uber/Lyft driver until a friend told me how fun it is. I never thought I'd be a "people person" until I found my tribe in the entrepreneur community.

And I never thought I'd be a consultant until people offered me money for my opinions.

Maybe it's that way for you? You're stuck making no profits, and you need to pivot.

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If I'm good at anything, besides writing, it's linking ideas together. Uber was just a side gig, until I told passengers my main business is web design. Now I carry business cards in my car.

Try this on for size: Real estate agents are struggling to sell properties. There's an elite 20% who suck up all the business. What if instead of focusing on properties, agents work as consultants, like me, and market themselves as such? You aren't selling homes so much as navigating the market and solving buyers' problems.

How about this: You own an auto repair shop that also sells parts, but sales are down in your brick and mortar location. Try affiliate marketing; bloggers make money reviewing products or giving tutorials, then link to where readers can buy those products. The blogger gets a commission. You can sell your brands without even carrying your own stock.

Ready to find out more?

Let me coach you in not just making a website, but developing a strategy. I'll teach you to write content that sells (value proposition is key), how to run your own social media marketing (important at the beginning), and how to optimize your site for search engines (the best long-term source of business).

Click the link to my Contact Page. You can send me a quick message, or book an online appointment. I'm on FaceTime and Google Hangouts, so I can talk to any English-speaking client around the world!