Be A Consultant: 3 Videos To Help You Start


Here is another set of YouTube videos by the experts. I typed “consulting business marketing” and watched the top three results.

I feel consulting is an important business to be in, because any paid profession can market itself as consulting. Marketing gurus and life coaches are obvious examples, but earlier this year I wondered whether Realtors can market themselves as such, since they have knowledge of the local markets. They shouldn’t focus on selling properties so much as selling solutions to buyers and sellers. Personal trainers, attorneys, internet marketers, personal shoppers, and more, can earn money by supplying information, not just doing the traditional work of their vocations.

Whatever your solo/freelance/professional business is, listen to these successful consultants and think how their tips can help you land customers. The basic steps are, figuring out what people’s problems are, devising a solution, and securing the project. These three videos differ on how to close the deal, so decide for yourself which strategy fits your lifestyle best.


“CovetedConsultant” first discusses what free content to offer first. He says don’t think of “how much” you’re giving, but offer value to get the prospect “unstuck.” The prospect has a problem, you have a solution. Instead of giving free information, you should find out if you meet their unique needs.

Then he advises to pare down your services to a few common recurring client requests. He uses the analogy of a favorite restaurant where someone orders the same meal every time they come. The restaurant doesn’t need to offer everything else.

You land clients by applying a system: Advertise in a common publication or network -> Ad leads to a client survey/application -> Client enters a follow-up sequence where they’re reminded of your value. CovetedConsultant stresses that the website isn’t as important as the system. I would argue that a website can facilitate that system.


Brad Costanzo

Brad Costanzo has a 7 step process for finding and securing clients:

  1. Know Who You’re Helping
  2. Know How You’re Helping
  3. Find Out Where The Clients Are
  4. Attract Clients With Value
  5. Help Client For Free First (Content, Blog, EBook, Etc.)
  6. Call/Interview, Find Whether Client Fits Criteria
  7. Offer More Help For $$$

This can be done in many different fields. Don’t sell your time for dollars, sell based on the value of your knowledge. You don’t need a website at first, but it will help automate the process as your business grows.

Ameer Rosic

Ameer Rosic lays out a simplified 3 step process to landing clients, with supporting details in his speech:

  1. Find the problems
  2. Solve the problems
  3. Close. This step entails vigorous follow-up. He says, in the Internet Age, one needs about “27 touch points.” He makes the important point that even though your prospective client may not want your help today, they might need it in the future.



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