What Is the Easiest Font to Read?

We often forget that text – or more specifically, typeface – is an integral part of web design. In fact, your font choice can make or break your entire website. It doesn’t really matter how beautiful or easy to navigate your site is if visitors struggle to read its content.

This is why it’s smart to choose one of the easiest fonts to read for the majority of the text in your web design projects. In this post, we’ll talk about what makes a typeface legible and share ten popular options to consider for your next site.

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HostArmada Review: WordPress Hosting on a Cloud SSD Platform

Choosing the right hosting provider is a serious task that will have major repercussions for your website. In this post, we review HostArmada’s cloud-based SSD WordPress hosting and its many benefits. Cloud hosting increases security and performance by storing your site on multiple servers. HostArmada also offers key WordPress maintenance features such as one-click installation and automatic backups to make maintaining your site easier. Here’s a closer look at what this provider has to offer.

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How to Unblock a Blocked URL on Facebook

Social media is a cornerstone of digital marketing, and Facebook is the largest platform on the web. It may play a vital role in sending traffic to your website. If that’s the case, having your URL blocked on Facebook could really throw a wrench in your strategy.

Fortunately, blocked Facebook URLs are reversible. In this post, we’ll explain why they occur at all, and what you can do to try to get your website back on the platform if your content has been removed.

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Why Facebook Blocks URLs

For the completely uninitiated, Facebook is a popular channel for

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11 Great Places to Download Free Icons

Icons are a popular feature in web design. When chosen carefully and used wisely, they can help you quickly and clearly communicate key information to visitors. However, accessing icon libraries can get expensive, especially if you use more than one. As such, you’ll need to whittle down the options to make sure you’re using the right set of icons for you.

This is why we’ve rounded up 11 free icon packs in this post. What’s more, although some of the sources we’ve included in this post also offer premium icon collections, each has at least one free pack available.


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An Introduction to the Canva Photo Editor for Beginners

We’ve talked about the Canva photo editor in the past. It’s a free-to-use graphics editor that enables you to create and tweak anything from logos to infographics, social media posts, and more.

Although Canva isn’t what we’d call a “professional” photo editor, it is very easy to pick up. Plus, the platform comes with a whole host of tools you can play with. In this article, we’ll show you the Canva photo editor in action.

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An Introduction to the Canva Photo Editor

When we got to know Canva a few years ago, it was mostly

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