Divi Meetup Network Community Update: August 2020

Happy end-of-summer Divi Nation!

Yes. We are nearing the end of warm sunshine, swimming, and summer skin. The cliché remains. Time flies! Time flies and it definitely flies when you’re having fun. 2020 has been challenging. To say the least. But here we are and we want to know what has been “fun” for you this year? In light of the most negative time of life for the world as a whole, relatively speaking, let’s practice gratitude and share some funny stories that happened for you in 2020. Comment below with a funny note or full story! We

Divi Meetup Network Community Update: July 2020

Summer salutations, Divi fam!

Well, we crossed it. We crossed that halfway milestone of the year 2020. Good riddance? Maybe. Or, in an effort to see the glass half full, how about good opportunity?? This year and its happenings are set. So what opportunities are you creating in light of the state of things? More than ever, positivity is so important and if we start looking for potential opportunities instead of focusing on the negative, wonderful possibilities will happen! So what are you going to do for this last half of 2020? We would love to hear your ideas!

Divi Meetup Network Community Update: June 2020

Summer greetings, Divi community! We have just begun Q3 of 2020! Normally, we would point out how fast time is flying by, but at this point, we’re all okay with this year just flying by, amirite? Nevertheless, we press on toward our goals during these unprecedented times and constantly reiterate. Reflecting on Q1 and Q2 of this year and all the pivots we’ve all made, how are you attacking Q3? Our Divi meetups are continuing with virtual models but groups have begun collaborating together! Now, more than ever, our global network of Divi meetup groups is connected and the energy

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