15 Best Image File Types (Pros vs Cons + Use Cases for Each Format)

Choosing the right image file types might seem like a trivial decision.

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But human beings are visual creatures, and images are an integral part of the online experience.

Most pages and articles use screenshots and images to enrich the text content. In fact, only around 8% of websites don’t include any visual content.

Unfortunately, many website owners still don’t understand which image file types to choose for different use cases. The result? They end up slowing down their site loading speed because their images aren’t the best format available,

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The Actionable Guide to Abandoned Cart Emails (Examples, Teardowns, and Templates)

Ecommerce is growing more than ever, but most online stores suffer from an epidemic of abandoned carts.

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On average, 79.17% of online shopping carts get abandoned before the customer finalizes their purchase. So if you have an online store, you could be losing almost eight of ten potential customers during the checkout process.

With an average conversion rate of 18.64%, abandoned cart emails can help win back a significant portion of these customers.

In this guide, we’ll give you everything you need.

We’ll cover what abandoned carts are, how you

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How to Get a Professional Email Address With a Custom Domain

Email is alive and well. Especially in a professional setting with the average U.S. worker spending 28% of their workweek reading and responding to and sending emails.

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Despite alternative means of communication like Slack or other collaboration tools, 90% of surveyed Americans over the age of 15 still actively use email.

Here’s the bottom line: email is the leading communication channel in the workplace.

So if you are thinking about starting a business, your own agency, or freelancing, having the right professional email address is essential.

In this article,

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11 Handy WordPress Map Plugin Options to Choose in 2020 (Free + Premium)

From listing locations to revealing a unique product map only relevant to your brand, the growth of the online map industry continues its impressive run. As a WordPress user, you may want to find a WordPress map plugin to display routes from a road trip or to ensure retail locations from your furniture chain are mentioned on your site.

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Many WordPress plugin categories lack popularity to the point where developers don’t spend time creating proper plugins with respectable feature sets. That’s not the case with map plugins, seeing as

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The Beginner’s Guide to Responsive Web Design (Code Samples & Layout Examples)

With an internet increasingly accessed from mobile devices, it’s no longer enough to have a static website design that only looks good on a computer screen.

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Not to mention, you also have to consider tablets, 2-in-1 laptops, and different smartphone models with different screen dimensions when coming up with a design.

So slapping your content into a single column and calling it quits isn’t going to cut it.

With responsive web design, you can make sure your website looks its best on cell phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop screens.

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