Plugin Rank Provides Insight Into WordPress Search Results, Competitive Analysis, and Email Reports for Developers

Iain Poulson announced that Plugin Rank is open to the public yesterday. It is a new service that allows plugin authors to track their rankings by keyword on the official WordPress plugin directory. The service is geared toward plugin authors with freemium offerings.

The tools were already in place for Poulson to build the service. He just needed to build his service on top of them. “Plugin Rank leverages the WordPress.org API to retrieve a set of plugins for a search term,” he said. “It’s the same API that WordPress uses when a user searches for a plugin inside their

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Disable Comments Plugin Looking for New Owner, Highest Bid Goes to Charity

Samir Shah is ready to part ways with his popular Disable Comments plugin. The WordPress extension has garnered over a million users and a solid 220 five-star reviews out of 229, but its owner no longer has the time to maintain it. Rather than simply give it away or sell it for profit, he plans to auction it for charity. The highest bidder will donate to Effective Altruism Funds (EAF), a charitable organization, for ownership.

Shah asks that those who are interested in bidding on the plugin contact him via his Twitter account. He is also open to feedback on

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Redux Framework Relaunches, Focuses Efforts on Gutenberg Templates

Dōvy Paukstys was rushing out another update with bug fixes yesterday morning as we chatted about the future of his popular Redux Framework. It was not the first update of the day. The Virginia-based developer is just over a week into what he has called the soft launch of Redux 4.x. It is a major reconstruction of a plugin that has been powering over 900,000 websites and has a strong developer audience.

The changes over the past week might seem risky to some. He has built a massive user base by providing one of the most powerful theme and plugin

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WordPress 5.6 Wish List: Homepage Post Type Selection and Block Management

With the WordPress 5.5 development cycle coming to a close, it is time to begin mapping out what features should land in WordPress 5.6 later this year. Earlier today, Chloe Bringmann asked the community to chime in with its wish list on the Make Core blog.

As usual, I have a few thoughts. I tend to lean toward addressing some of the long-standing developer-friendly tickets because these features allow plugin authors to build better products for end-users in the long run.

A complete custom post status API tops my usual list of most-wanted features. I have already opined over this

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Post a Lot of Code? Try the Code Syntax Block Plugin for WordPress

I am always on the lookout for interesting syntax-highlighting plugins, particularly for those occasions when I write tutorials or other articles that lean heavily on code. Far too many plugins use shortcodes, custom blocks, or other odd solutions. However, there is one option that I intentionally overlooked when it was released over a year ago: Code Syntax Block by Marcus Kazmierczak.

Based on the name, I assumed it was yet another standalone block. However, I have since given it another look and realized that this was note the case. It integrates directly with the core WordPress block. There are times

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