Otter Voice Notes: Overview and Review

Otter.ai is an artificial intelligence (AI) program designed to record, extract, and transcribe audio in real time. It’s great for speech-to-text dictation, recording meetings, and generating transcripts of audio and video recordings. Otter voice notes are a useful solution for individuals, businesses of all sizes, students, and teachers.

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How Otter Works

Otter voice notes use AI to transcribe audio in real time. When a user records directly into Otter’s voice recorder, transcription begins immediately. Alternatively, a user may upload audio or video files and Otter will generate

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5 Ways Augmented Reality for Marketing Can Create a More Personalized Brand Experience

Augmented reality for marketing utilizes AR technology to connect with shoppers on a more personal level, allowing them to “experience” a product virtually before they purchase. AR apps can pair with a number of different products and brand experiences, from cosmetics and furniture companies to books and even in-person events.

When it comes to AR, the name of the game is immersion. Augmented reality for marketing creates a more immersive brand experience for loyal customers and potential prospects. It can also help you create a more personalized brand experience for your audience.

How Does Augmented Reality Work?

AR works by

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Conversational Marketing: What It Is and How to Use It

Looking to make your marketing efforts more personal and conversational for your customers? Conversational marketing might be the perfect way to shift your marketing strategy.

Conversational marketing is a marketing approach based on customer feedback. It utilizes tools such as personalized email marketing, chat bots, live stream video, and live chats with customer service representatives.

The main goal of conversational marketing is to keep a seamless exchange going across all touch points with your customer. Conversational marketing can help you qualify leads, schedule calls, recommend products, and close sales.

What is Conversational Marketing All About?

At its heart, conversational marketing

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3 Ways Visual Search Can Boost Your Brand

Have you ever seen a gadget, piece of clothing, appliance, or piece of furniture online–only to meet dead ends when searching for a place to purchase it? If this scenario sounds familiar, visual search is the solution. And, if you sell physical products, incorporating visual search into your marketing strategy can help boost your brand.

Let’s talk about what, exactly, visual search is (hint: it’s not the same as Google Image Search), how it works, and a few ways it can make your products more visible online.

What is Visual Search?

Visual search is an emerging online search technology that

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How to Build a Personalized Marketing Strategy

Personalized marketing is marketing that’s targeted to an individual customer’s needs. This strategy goes beyond inputting a buyer’s name in your email software. Instead, it’s meant to follow your customer through each stage of your sales funnel.

Consumers respond well to personalization. That’s because personalized marketing helps potential buyers feel seen and understood by your brand. In a world full of choices and noise, the brands that notice their customers will be the ones to stand out.

So how can you build a personalized marketing strategy for your brand? It all starts with data.

How Data Informs Personalized Marketing


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