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Here at Gravity Forms, we hope to inspire and connect our community through our recent case study series. These case studies focus not only on the forms created, and their many features and integrations, but also the agencies behind the forms, sharing insight into who our customers are and how they use Gravity Forms on a daily basis.

This latest case study is brought to you by Road Warrior Creative, a digital agency that specializes in working with government agencies, nonprofits, and social good organizations. Road Warrior Creative worked with Workforce Solutions Panhandle, a government agency that provides services to employers and job seekers, to improve their website and marketing.

This case study details a specific aspect of that process – the creation and implementation of a form that helps parents apply for child care assistance. You will find that the application form that Road Warrior Creative designed is a complex string of two forms, which make use of numerous add-ons and features. Accessibility was also key to the form’s design, ensuring that all users can access, complete, and submit the form.

Ready to learn more? Let’s dig in….

Road Warrior Creative: An Intro

Road Warrior Creative

Since 2010, Road Warrior Creative digital agency has worked with clients internationally to develop and amplify their brand story online, through the creation of innovative social media and search marketing campaigns as well as compelling, optimized websites.

They have extensive experience in and are committed to building accessible websites and web applications that work for people of all abilities, and have an accessibility focused division. Road Warrior Creative is a woman-owned business, a member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals, and they are currently working on their B-Corp certification.

Current clients include Colorado State University, Workforce Solutions Panhandle, Lesbians Who Tech, and Lean Startup Co., among others.

The Child Care Assistance Application Form

Road Warrior Creative worked with Workforce Solutions Panhandle, building them a complex child care assistance application form.

Workforce Solutions Panhandle is a local division of a state agency that assists employers and job seekers throughout a 26 county region in the Texas Panhandle. They work directly with job seekers, giving them access to key information, training, and assistance. This includes organizing work experience and career development, as well as helping with resume building and child care costs.

Before Road Warrior Creative worked with Workforce Solutions, their website was inefficient, not fully compliant for accessibility, and forms were only available via PDFs. Creating the child care assistant application form as an online form, rather than a PDF form as it was previously, has been a significant improvement in the application process both for workforce center staff and also their applicants.

The child care assistance application form is actually a string of two forms. These forms allow individuals to firstly determine if they qualify to receive federal or state child care assistance, and then secondly to apply for it, if they are qualified.

Let’s take a look at the forms…

Form 1…

Workforce Solutions Child Care Prequalification Form - front end page 1

Workforce Solutions Child Care Prequalification Form - front end page 2

Form 2…

Child Care Assistance Application page 1

Child Care Assistance Application page 2

Form Features

The application forms use a wide assortment of features and add-ons (both Gravity Forms official add-ons and third-party extensions). These include…

Another key feature to note is accessibility – both forms are fully accessible, ensuring that users with disabilities, as well as customers on mobile phones, or in rural areas with low bandwidth, can all access the forms.

Let’s now look at some of these form features in more depth….

Conditional Logic and Pagination

Workforce Solutions Child Care Prequalification Form - backend

The application form is long, with 50+ fields – so Road Warrior Creative broke the form up into a number of pages and made use of conditional logic.

It’s overwhelming for people to load a webpage and see a huge number of fields. Paginating forms and grouping fields into sections/pages and using conditional logic to hide fields makes it much less overwhelming for your customers.


Road Warrior Creative spent a lot of time testing these forms for accessibility, including having two blind testers fill them out.

These tests revealed that the Gravity Forms Signature Add-On was not usable by people on screen readers. Therefore, instead of using this add-on, they used a text field where users can type their name to sign.


One of the key features of Gravity Forms is its ability to integrate with such a wide assortment of complex add-ons, enabling you to extend the functionality of your forms. As we saw, this child care assistance application form calls on the functionality of a number of official and third-party add-ons.

A few that are worth a special mention include…

  • Gravity Forms User Registration Add-On and Gravity Perks Auto Login – These add-ons work hand in hand. By integrating both, users are automatically logged into the Workforce Solutions Panhandle portal via their new account after completing the initial registration form.
  • Gravity Perks Populate Anything – Used to display titles from a custom post type on a different site in the WordPress multi-site.
  • Fillable PDFs from ForGravity – This was the first project where Road Warrior Creative used the Fillable PDFs plugin from ForGravity and they were very pleased with the results. Both ForGravity and Gravity Wiz (Gravity Perks) are part of the Gravity Forms Certified Developer Program.

Road Warrior Creative and Gravity Forms

Road Warrior Creative are long time users of Gravity Forms. Company founder Amber Hinds told us…

“I started using Gravity Forms when I was working as a freelancer prior to growing the Road Warrior Creative team. I first bought a developer license for Gravity Forms in April 2013 (according to my email history!).

Over the years I have had the opportunity to view several other premium form plugins at WordCamps or WordPress meetups, but nothing I’ve looked at has had the diverse functionality, necessary integrations, and/or user experience that Gravity Forms has, so we’ve happily built Gravity Forms into hundreds of websites and never once considered switching.”

Road Warrior Creative now uses Gravity Forms on every website they build – from more basic landing page sites to complex WordPress-powered web applications. Beyond simple contact forms, they also frequently use Gravity Forms to build:

  • Donation forms for nonprofits
  • Employment applications
  • User registration and user update forms
  • Forms that save entries to custom post types (eg – LWT speaker bio form)
  • Forms that pull data from outside APIs in response to user field selections
  • A variety of different lead generation forms

Final Thoughts

This form showcases perfectly the power of Gravity Forms, it’s advanced features and functionality, and its ecosystem of add-ons and extensions. It was a pleasure to write this case study and gain insight into how Road Warrior Creative – one of our long-term agency customers – has used our plugin in such a complex and interesting way.

Have you created a custom form with Gravity Forms that you would like featured in a case study? If so, please get in contact – we’d love to hear from you.


About the Case Study Contributor:

Amber HindsAmber Hinds is founder, Creative Director, and CEO of Road Warrior Creative, a digital marketing agency that specializes in working with nonprofits and social good organizations. If you are interested in their services or want to hear more get in contact – they’d love to hear from you!


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