A Great Opportunity For Your Restaurant

Thanks for completing my survey. Now you might wonder, who can help you advertise your establishment?

Let me introduce my friend Aaron Van Noy. He’s the proprietor of Big Ten Web Design, and he’s helped many businesses boost their sales through Google Ads. He’s turning his attention to the restaurant industry.


Aaron has an offer for you: he’ll run a Google Ads campaign free for one month, besides the paid ads themselves.

  • He’ll waive the $1k setup fee and first month’s maintenance fee.
  • The monthly maintenance fee is typical $400 and up.
  • Cancel any time.
  • The campaign will include specially made tracking phone numbers, to verify the effectiveness of the marketing content.
  • CallRail phone tracking is preferred, but Google Voice would work, as well.
  • You, the business owner, will have total control of all accounts.
  • Big Ten Web Design will require access to your Google My Business account (Don’t have one? We’ll set one up!).

How Google Ads Work With Big Ten Web Design:

  • Paid ads get a specific tracking number
  • The website gets a tracking number
  • Your Google My Business page has another tracking number.

These individual numbers are used for customer acquisition tracking. Other numbers can be used for social media and other forms of advertising if you’d like.

Disclosure: I collect a commission for each business I sign with Big Ten Web Design



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